Online service for testing your application on 380+ Real Android and 20+ iOS devices hosted by Bitbar.

Test online on 380+ real Android and 20+ iOS devices

Check and analyze screenshots, CPU & memory usage, exceptions and logcats

Run your tests directly from Testdroid Recorder (Android only)

Testdroid Cloud Premium subscription includes 24/5 (Mon-Fri) live support


Test online on Real devices

Testdroid Cloud is the simplest way to test your application against various real Android and iOS devices – from different manufacturers, with different HW platforms, OS versions and screen resolutions. You can also easily pick on what devices to run your tests, just on the devices you are interested in.

Testdroid AppCrawler

Testdroid AppCrawler is a unique intelligent tool for checking you applications device compatibility. AppCrawler analyzes the application, even logs in with the username and password given by developer and clicks through the applications view hierarchy and takes screen shots along the way. In minutes you will get feedback how your app works on different devices and how does it look like.

View screenshots, logs, exceptions and CPU & memory profiles

You can view captured screenshots, check failed tests and fetch full log-cats for detailed OS level analysis. The images from different devices are shown side-by-side for easy comparison to see lay-out issues on different devices. You can also see the CPU and memory consumption profiles of your test execution.

Several ways to integrate

Companies can use Testdroid Cloud REST API to integrate their build process with the cloud service. There is also a CLI available as well as a Jenkins Plug-in to launch tests automatically in Testdroid Cloud. Use the APIs to fetch all the test data, including screenshots and log-cats for deeper analysis. It really is like Amazon cloud for Android and iOS devices testing.

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Testing in scale

Now you can test your app on hundreds of devices in minutes. Developers get instant feedback on the changes without a need for long test turnaround times. That will dramatically shorten your time-to-market and lower the cost of development without any manual testing work.

Online and API access

Testdroid Cloud is accessible online, so you are able to test your Android and iOS applications whenever you want. No need to reserve devices or prepare for the test runs. For Enterprise customers we also have REST API further reducing the manual work needed for testing on real devices.

Target larger audience for your application

Manage differences between Android and iOS devices. Continuous functional testing will help you sustain the high quality of your applications and keep up with the competition by concentrating on creating new features instead of tackling with support requests and poor reviews.

Tests on new devices

Regular functional testing on newly introduced devices will help you sustain the high quality of your application. Everytime there is a new device, just hit a button and your app is tested on it. Users can create own device clusters, for example test app on set of devices based on the API level (Android), OS version (Android and iOS), CPU, memory or screen size.

No programming or configuration needed

Upload your APK or IPA and instrumentation test files and they will be run automatically on Testdroid Device clusters.

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