What do we offer?

Working at Bitbar offers you unique opportunities
to develop cutting-edge tools for Android and iOS developers.

We are based in San Francisco/CA, Helsinki/Finland, Oulu/Finland and Wrocław/Poland.

Please check the available vacancies below.

How the job interview look like?

1. We will go through your CV

2. We'll make a screening via Skype (preferred) or we meet in our office.

3. We'll invite you to our office to talk about your competences, Bitbar, technologies and asking various questions.

Jobs positions

OS X / iOS Developer

location: Wrocław | Oulu

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Senior Software Developer

location: Wrocław | Oulu | Helsinki

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Don't see a position that fits?

Even if we do not currently have an open opportunity, we are always looking for talented people to join us!

Please send your resume to jobs@bitbar.com