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    The Largest Mobile Development Infrastructure in Cloud for Development, Testing, Debugging,

    At Anytime, Any Device – Over an open API

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    Use Test Automation or Remote Manual Access with Thousands of Android and iOS Devices,

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  • Test Apps on Thousands of Real Android & iOS Devices

    Use Test Automation or Remote Manual Access with Thousands of Android and iOS Devices,

    Testdroid Cloud is Available 24/7 for Mobile App, Game and Web Testing.

  • We Make Mobile Developers’ Lives Easier.

    With Different Deployment Options, Testdroid Provides the Right Development and Testing Environment for Every Mobile Developer.

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Mobile App Development

Building the Next Big App in Mobile?

Awesome! We’re here to help you to compete in that ultra-competitive landscape.

As a testimony of Testdroid’s versatile features and capabilities, the best mobile companies providing apps for Android and iOS are using our products to build their apps from the scratch, build very large and complex apps, fine-tuned all nitty-gritty details, and launched those for hundreds of millions of users. And they have been extremely successful. Let us help you to be as well.

Mobile Game Development

Mobile Game Economy is Boiling Hot! Are You Making Your Share of It?

But to maximize the device coverage, provide a fantastic user experience and to minimize the game creation time can be challenging without truly agile tools, test automation and many useful features. Those are the exact problems that Testdroid will tackle for you.

Mobile game development and testing differs from the regular app creation a lot. Effective mobile game creation process builds up from a well-structured and systematic approach, use of test automation and seamless integration with your agile process. This is where Testdroid shows its power – eliminating bugs and bad end-user experience from your game.

All the most successful Android and iOS game developers are onboard already – will you join as well?


Enterprise Mobility

Your App Equals Your Brand. That means failure of any sort is not acceptable! 

Mobile apps in banking, healthcare, financial services, education, manufacturing, retail, automotive, just to name few sub-verticals, must be in top shape and provide only bullet-proof functionality for their users. Failure means your brand will fail

- and that’s what Testdroid will help you to prevent happening.

Testdroid provides the most secure, the versatile product offering for these verticals to build only the best application for tech-savvy consumers, in agile manner. Connect hundreds of devices and start implementing and testing your enterprise-grade app on the very same environment what your end-users use your app on, real mobile devices.

Mobile Web Development

Thousands of Browser and Device Variations Out There

- How Can I Possibly Test Them All?

Every web developer knows how challenging it can be to get a website working and looking stunning with every possible device and browser variation out there. This is one area where test automation has a significant value to offer. Even with responsive web sites that should scale across all different resolutions, work across different types of devices (phones, tablets, wearables etc.) the test automation can harmonize the testing effort and bring you consistent foundation to build your web site tests.

Testdroid provides all necessities for ensuring the correct behavior of your web implementation: real mobile devices, browsers, test automation frameworks, remote manual access to any of devices, all in fully build solution for mobile web developers.